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Websites and Web apps


Do you have static websites for your company ?? Do you what to convert them to multi-region web apps?? Secbay provides facility to convert your static websites to resilient web apps.



Still writing different code for android and iOS mobile applications.What make mobile application building easy??Think how to do it??

Secbay provides platform and tools to build native mobile apps and robust mobile backends.

Hybrid IT Management


Management of IT infrastructures is a tides task. Apart from IT infrastructure cloud and application management makes it even more difficult.But Configuration checking and administration components deep into infrastructures, clouds and applications is made easy by Hybrid IT management.

Managed Hosting


Hosting our sites is giving you nightmares??Finding difficulty in hosting??

Secbay provides Managed hosting service where on-demand hosting  facility with 24/7 infrastructure management solution.

Sales Force Integration

Still maintaining sales details locally ??? Integrate and manage data from existing company to cloud to get bigger picture of sales.

Secbay provides services to Incorporate and oversee information as it moves between Salesforce, existing organization frameworks and the cloud.



Wondering how to move VMware on workloads to IBM cloud premises?Finding it difficult?? Scared of workloads behavior after moving?

Secbay helps to move VMware workloads from on premises to the IBM Cloud.

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Bank and Finance


What to make the most from customer database?? And even help your customers enjoy the benefit ? Worried of customer data security?

Join the FinTech revolution with the help of blockchain through Secbay.



Want to make operations to merchant easy ?? Want to understand customer demand and drive growth in your retails?

Secbay can help you understand customer need and in-turn leads to increase in profit.

Media & Entertainment


What to attract more customers??But dont know how to do it ??

Secbay helps you deliver engaging digital media experiences on any platform, anytime, anywhere.



With new diseases and infections found each day,detecting right one has become major issue.

Create secure, innovative solutions on our HIPAA-enabled health data platform through Secbay.

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AWS Elastic hosting
  • 750 hours of Amazon EC2 Linux t2.micro instance usage (1 GiB of memory and 32-bit and 64-bit platform support) – enough hours to run continuously each month*



The AWS in Education program is a grants program enabling teaching, academic research, and student projects on AWS services.

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