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Our Mobile Application Security testing service provides in-depth testing of mobile applications to maintain high security standard. Mobile users demand uncompromised convenience and intuitive functionality on all devices


Mobile application testing is the foremost thing every app should undergo before they become available to the public. To make sure the application works perfectly you must do comprehensive testing and ensure that your mobile app meets customer expectations and business goals.  Mobile application testing is too complex as Mobile app testers have to test functionality, usability and consistency of the app across a wide range of handheld devices and models, wireless carriers, OS, browsers and location.


Assessment by Certified Experts

We have an excellent resource for Certified CEH, CompTIA Security+ , CND, ECSA, CySA Certified Experts who take our job to next level of assurance that all our results are guaranteed industry standard practise


Check for standard Security Vulnerabilities like Insecure storage, Memory Leakage, SQL Injection, Insecure Transmission , XSS, CSRF attacks etc.

Secure Source Code Review

urce code analysis tools, also referred to as Static Application Security Testing (SAST) Tools, are designed to analyze source code and/or compiled versions of code to help find security flaws.

Some tools are starting to move into the IDE. For the types of problems that can be detected during the software development phase itself, this is a powerful phase within the development life cycle to employ such tools, as it provides immediate feedback to the developer on issues they might be introducing into the code during code development itself. This immediate feedback is very useful, especially when compared to finding vulnerabilities much later in the development cycle.

Mobile Application Malware Analysis

Our proprietary (Cybersafe) Solution brings you analyse any mobile Application ( IOS/ ANDROID/ WINDOWS) for Security Vulnerabilities, Memory Leakage and Malware Analysis with VirusTotal API's for malware Signature Database updated realtime 24x7

Secbay Mobile Malware Analysis Labs

Our Certified Pentesting Experts perform both Static & Dynamic analysis and give the best optimum results! Because when it comes to DATA we take care of it better!!

Malware Repository

We maintain a list of realtime 360 threats and attacks through our servers so that we update our clients about the newest trends for malware & attacks. If needed we also provide training services helping in keeping your organisation much more secure!

Static Application Security Testing

Identify security issues, privacy problems, and compliance gaps in custom apps whether development is in-house or outsourced, or third-party commercial apps from the app stores

Dynamic Application Testing

The great number of mobile platforms available on the market creates a multitude of different host environments that any given mobile application may be run on.

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